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DiskOnModule instead of Hard Disk Drives

USB Series hard drive is available DOM electronic high-performance, high stability, fast memory, storage media elements, the cost of the current performance of the best in memory than the storage media solutions. It has replaced the traditional mechanical hard drives of a number of advantages, the use comply with industry standard USB interface control technology, no additional or proprietary software, simple, functional and flexible. FOD electronic drives can provide original, high-performance and highly reliable data storage, even in harsh temperature, shock, vibration, interference and other conditions of work, nor will it pose a threat to the data. It overcomes the disadvantages of mechanical hard drives are widely used in industrial control, public safety, telecommunications, military, aerospace, medical and high reliability of the data areas, while its small size, storage space and flexible and low cost, are also widely used in civilian areas, such as multimedia classrooms, corporate offices.
Flash-based forms of DOM electronic hard disk data access faster and lower power consumption. And the absence of moving parts, compared with traditional hard drives, more difficult to damage or failure.
USB Series DOM electronic drives for the pursuit of high reliability, high stability, designed for industrial customers.

Key Features
1.USB (10Pin) Interface
2.4000 times greater than the number of power
3.Earthquake, impact, and anti-electromagnetic interference
4.Unique anti-static (direct discharge 4KV, air discharge 8KV) design
5.Low power consumption
6.No noise
7.Start without delay


Model UFDV10-Dxxxx*1-SM34-I-G UFDL10-Dxxxx*1-SM34-I-G  
IDE Interface 10Pin 10Pin  
Installation direction Vertical Horizontal  
Height 30.5mm 36.6mm  
Width 26.5mm 26.6mm  
Thickness 6.3mm 9mm  
Outer covering Yes No  
Weight 10g 10g  
Capacity 1G-16G


Sector size 512B 512B  
Driver settings
Write protection setting N/A
Encryption settings N/A
Sustained read
and write speed
Read: 40Mbytes/second (typical value)
Write: 30Mbytes/second (typical value)
Write endurance 5 million cycles
Reliability 3,000,000 hours (@25)
Correction 13 bits per 512 bytes or 24 bits per 1024 bytes
Data retention More than 10 years    
Mating cycles 10,000 cycles
Input voltage DC +5V¡ᄆ0%
Power consumption <120mA
Operating Temperature -10,70
Storage temperature


Humidity Relative Humidity: 8% to 95%, non condensing
Anti-vibration Moment: 1,000g, 0.5 msec half sine, Average: 15g, 10-2000Hz

1 xxxx electronic hard on behalf of the physical capacity of DOM
* Picture for reference only, please prevail in kind; specifications change without prior notice.
* The above read and write data is based on the specific hardware and software environment to test out, not as a business or a contract offer, the data for reference only.
* The company can customize a special board structure.

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