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>>Your Current Position: Mini ATX Power Supply

fanless industral atx power atx_w03

==>> Compact fanless ATX power supply for industral pc Model: ATX_W03 <<==

Power Supply Overview
1.1 Table 1 Input Electrical Characteristics Overview

Input voltage range: 90Vac to 264Vac
Normal voltage range: 100Vac to 240Vac
Frequency range: 47-63HZ
Max input ac current: 2.0Amax at full load condition
Inrush current (cold start): 40A typ peak,115Vac;60Atyp peak ,230Vac
Efficiency: 85%(230Vac input full load )
Leakage Current: Less Than 3.5mA,230Vac input
Standby Power Loss: =<0.5W,230Vac input
Input Fuse: T2A/250Vac

1.2 Output Electrical Characteristics Overview
1.2.1 Table 2 Output Voltage ,Current & Regulation.

Output Voltage: +12V
Regulation: ±5%
Min. current: 0A
Rated current: 5A
Peak current: 6-8A

Note:* The peak current should be test at other of dc output at Rated load ,And the peak current pulse width within 100ms.

1.2.2 Table 3 DC Output Ripple & Noise.
Output Voltage: +12V
Ripple &Noise(Max.): 120mVp-p
1) Measurements shall be made with an oscilloscope with 20MHz bandwidth.
2) Outputs shall be bypassed at the connector with a 0.1uF ceramic capacitor and a 10uF electrolytic
capacitor to simulate system loading.

1.2.3 Output Transient Response
Note: Transient response measurements shall be made with a load changing repetition
rate of 50Hz to 10kHz

1.2.4 Table 5 DC Output Hold-Up Time
Output Voltage: +12V
110Vac input: >=10mS
230Vac input: >=10mS
Note: All of dc output at full load.

1.2.5 Table 6 DC Output Overshoot At Turn On & Turn Off
Output Channel: +12V
Output(V): +12V
Over shoot voltage (V): 5%(Turn on),5%(Turn off)
Note: All of dc output current from Min. to Max.

1.2.6 Table 7 Turn on delay
Output Voltage: +12V
120Vac input &Full Load: =<7000mS
220Vac input &Full Load: =<7000mS

1.3 Protection
1.3.1 Table 9 DC output Over Voltage Protection.
Output Voltage: +12V
Max .Over Voltage: 19V
Note: The power supply shall be test at max AC voltage (264Vac) and min load or no load.

1.3.2 Table 10 DC Output Over current Protection.
Output Voltage: +12V
Over current MAX: 9A
Comments: Hiccup

2.1 Table 12
Input To Output: DC500V 15M min(at room temperature)
Input To FG: DC500V 15M min(at room temperatutre)
Output To FG: Annectent
2.2 Table 13
Input To Output: 1500Vac 50Hz 1 minute =<10mA
Input To FG: 1500Vac 50Hz 1 minute =<10mA
Output To FG: Annectent

The power supply shall compliance with the following Criterion:

4.1 EMI
The power supply shall compliance with the following Criteion
1),Conduction Emission
*EN55022,CLASS B
*FCC ClassB

2),Radiated Emission
*EN55022,CLASS B
*FCC Class B

4.2 EMS
The power supply shall compliance with the following Criterion
*GB17626.2-1998/ICE61000-4-2 Level 3
*GB17626.4-1998/ICE61000-4-4 Level 3
*GB17626.5-1998/IEC61000-4-5 Level 3
*GB17626.11-1998/ICE61000-4-11 Class B/C

5,Environmental Requirement
5.1 Temperature
Operation: 0c,+40c
Store: -20c,+85c

5.2 Humidity
*Operating: from 10% to 90% relative humidity (non-condension)
*StoreL Fron 5% to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)

5.3 Altutude
*Operating: to 10,000 ft
*Store: to 20,000 ft

5.4 Cooling Method
*Ventilation cooling

*10-55Hz, 19.6m/s(2G), 3 minutes period, 20 minutes each along X,Y and Z axis

*49m/s(5G), 11ms, once each X,Y and Z axis

*145mm x 32mm x 32mm


8,DC Output Cable Specifiction
UL1007# 4PIN TO 4PIN yellow-black



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