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>>Your Current Position: Mini ATX Power Supply

compact 1U atx power atx_w02

==>> 1U size SLIM ATX power supply for industral pc Model: ATX_W02 <<==

Power Supply Overview

Size: 150*81.5*40.3mm
Application: for PC
The Watt number: 200W
Related news letter:
• conforms to the Flex12V 1 version, rated at 200W (250W)
• efficient
• low ripple noise output
• each output with over voltage protection
• each output voltage with short circuit current protection
• 4CM fan
• 100% high temperature aging test (50 ℃)
• life cycle: ≥ 80KH hours
Cable application: 20pin
The main connector 4Pin
+12V CPU 4Pin peripherals
Equipment joint 4Pin floppy drive
Equipment joint
Input specification:
• input voltage: 115V/230V
• frequency: 50/60Hz
• input current: 5A @115Vac 60Hz; 3A @230Vac 50Hz
Output specification:
• maximum power: 250W
• color: Silver
• cooling system: SPEED: 8000RMP (+/-10%)
2500rpm at ~7000rpm at 60.5 ℃ of 41.7 ℃
• noise: 22dB at 7000rpm
• P.G signal: 100-500ms
• keep time: 17ms (min)
• efficiency: 75%
Output Voltage Min. load Max. load Load Reg. Ripple & Noise
-12V 0.0A 0.5A ±10% 120mV P-P
+3.3V 0.5A 10.0A ±5% 50mV P-P
+5V 0.3A 20.0A ±5% 50mV P-P
+5Vsb 0.0A 1.5A ±5% 50mV P-P
+12V 1.0A 13.0A ±5% 120mV P-P
.+3.3V & +5V total output shall not exceed 80W.
.+3.3V & +5V & +12V1 total output shall not exceed 185W
* Detailed specifications and drawings provided upon request.

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